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Welcome Hustle Talk Family!

Welcome to Hustletalk.com, a No B.S. site on how to start your hustle if you are a wantreprener or how to UPGRADE your hustle if you are a seasoned vet. This is also the home of The Hustle to Greatness Podcast where Luc Sisombath interviews today’s most inspiring Entrepreneurs every week. Below are 8-steps to help IGNITE your Entrepreneurial journey!

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Step 1: Website Hosting

Everyone needs to start with their online Headquarters, and that’s your Website. I’ve created a detailed step-by-step guide that will help you start your online business! HUSTLE 101: The Definitive Guide to Starting Your Online Passion Business

Bluehost is my recommended hosting service. Because I am a VIP partner, you get the LOWEST price for hosting available; $3.49 a month! Also, you get a free domain to brand your way to greatness.


Step 2: Professional Branding

Professional Hustler Branding: Design your your BRAND with a professional website that will convey your service to the world! I negotiated an awesome deal for you guys from my WEB GUY to get you 40% OFF all your web design needs. Click here to put my boy Danna to work on your website!


Step 3: Grow your tribe & make money blogging

FREE Six-Figure Blogging Webinar: Learn How to Grow Your Tribe and Make 6-Figures In Any Online Business Using a Simple 3-Part Blog Formula (Learn form the experts Bradley Will & Matt Wolfe)


Step 4: Create a product

HUSTLE 101: The Definitive Guide to Starting Your Online Passion Business Create a product to solidify yourself as an expert and get that paper!

Step 5: Grow your email list

GetResponse: Signup, and go to step #6 to get more boom in growing your list!

Step 6: Create lead generating sales pages

Leadpages: We use LeadPages for everything when it comes to sales pages, opt-in forms, video courses…you name it, LeadPages does it! Simply sign up through our affiliate link and email me for access to our special Leadpages tutorial!


Step 7: Self-Educate

Audible – Try Audible and Get Two Free Audiobooks
I recommend Rework: Change the Way You Work Forever by Jason Fried & David Heinemeier Hansson.

Step 8: Listen to the Hustle to Greatness Podcast!

Join me on my entrepreneurial journey where I extract the knowledge of the brilliant minds of the world, in living a better life and making boat loads of money. Most of my guests run lifestyle businesses that generate millions in revenue and better yet, allow them to live a life own their own terms.



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