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#21: Alan Belcher From Top Ranked UFC Fighter to Martial Arts Entrepreneur

Alan ‘The Talent’ Belcher, a retired UFC middleweight, and successful entrepreneur, is realizing the dream he started with at just 14 years old!  Getting his start at wiping down sweat in a gym, he has built a successful business, moved through the ranks of the UFC, and his star just keeps rising!  Alan chats with Luc today about developing a resilience mindset from sports that he uses in his business, why he doesn’t burn out despite running multiple businesses, and why his daily routine starts with a focus on spending time with his children. 

Alan’s Journey

  • Alan started off in martial arts and was introduced to weightlifting at 14 years old.
  • He was intrigued by it and it quickly became a huge part of his life.
  • He took an after-school job for 6 months wiping down lifting gym facilities.  That introduced him early to the business side of gyms.
  • As a teen, he designed his first gym that combined weight training and a martial arts area, long before the day of MMA-type focused training areas.
  • He knew from that point forward that he wanted to teach martial arts and own a gym.
  • At 21, he still hadn’t been accepted into UFC.  He knew he had to ‘grow up’ and start paying the bills.
  • That drive started his first business-teaching children martial arts.
  • Within 6 months of starting the business, he was accepted into UFC and the business paid for him to be able to focus on training.
  • Because it made sense for him to keep the business, he started learning quickly how to hire employees and trainers while he moved through the UFC ranks.
  • Recently, he needed to make the decision of whether to keep growing the business or retire from UFC. 
  • He chose the business. When you work at your passion is when you excel. 

Developing Mindset

  • In the MMA world, failures are ordinary.   You have to learn from your mistakes and come back stronger.
  • If you let small things hold you back, you will never build any forward momentum.
  • During his last couple of years, Alan discovered more patience and consistency. 
  • He didn’t get to use either one much in his fights, but those attributes will help him ‘shine’ in the business world.
  • You can’t quit.  You have to keep going.  If you stop after 6 months-1 year, you never even really started.
  • You have to accept that there will be hard days, ups and downs ahead. 
  • Not being afraid to face that struggle and take those risks  makes you an extraordinary entrepreneur.

Business as a Sport

  • So many athletes have all of the necessary traits and skills to succeed in business but few of them do.
  • Alan believes the missing ingredient is competitiveness, looking at business as a game instead of a paycheck.
  • He views business successes, such as leverage, as scoring points.
  • He puts out content and free value to expand his reach and build his brand-it’s a game to him to be ‘everywhere’.

About ‘Combat Con’

  • Alan launched this conference in 2014 for MMA and BJJ business owners.
  • The first year, he brought in a lot of his personal mentors to speak-it was a huge success.
  • In year two, they doubled in size to 200 gym owners and he expanded his speakers.
  • He wanted to show business owners how to go ‘outside’ their industry to learn strategies.
  • If you only stay inside your own industry, no one does anything innovative. 
  • He uses the event to help people as well as increase his own leverage and authority.

Balancing and Avoiding Burnout

  • Alan believes being able to balance boils down to one thing: he is a good leader.
  • As a youth, he had a very introverted personality.  It’s something that he had to work hard at because he knew the value of communicating and connecting with people.
  • Along the way of developing communication, he learned leadership skills. 
  • He admits he’s very unorganized.  He doesn’t mind admitting it, hoping it will inspire others.
  • But, being disorganized has a price-your payroll goes up because you have to hire more people who can make up for that weakness!   
  • He treats his team really well and they can see his passion and energy.  That makes people want to work for him and share his goals.
  • He likes the team environment.  Having a good relationship with them means he can trust the work will get done. 


  • He divides everything into ‘acquiring new customers’ and ‘service’.
  • One side feeds the other.  You have to figure out how to keep clients happy to keep them but that also generates word of mouth to get you new customers.
  • He thinks in terms of processes. Whether it’s online or offline business, the steps are almost the same.
  • The steps are: Initial Engagement, ‘Freebie’, Register for a webinar/Schedule Consultation, Build a Face to Face Relationship, Conversion.

His Daily Routine

  • Alan finds that the people that are successful generally can keep going.  He actually finds it difficult to ‘turn it off’.
  • He likes being an entrepreneur because-he’s driven by his energy, passion and competiveness.
  • He doesn’t have a ‘strict routine’ but it is essential that he wakes up a minimum of 1 hour before his children do.
  • He uses that quiet time to prioritize his day.  If he does not, he knows he will spend time on things that aren’t efficient. 
  • His rule is to wake up a minimum of 1 hour before they do. So a minimum of 6 am.
  • He also uses the time to watch motivational videos, such as ‘Ask Gary Vee’.
  • He spends the rest of the time with his wife and children getting ready for school.
  • Being around family in the morning just reminds you of why you’re doing something.
  • The power of completion-when you have consistency, you build confidence and momentum.
  • Momentum is the most important thing in anything you’re trying to accomplish.

What Lies Ahead for Alan

  • Alan wants to take his MMA and BJJ Mastermind to the next level.
  • He has plans to branch out into coaching people with video content and social media and his goal is to from ‘zero to 100’ on the scene. 
  • He is constantly networking.  If you’re not doing that in your business, you will find yourself fighting an uphill battle. 

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