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#20: 4 Step Blueprint to Success with Ted Talk Speaker & Division I Wrestler

Jim Harshaw is a champion in everything he does!  A former wrestler, he’s been on the winning side and the losing side, but he’s used the experience of his losses on the mat to win in life.  He sits down with Luke today to talk about wrestling mindset, developing mental toughness in combat sports, preparation,

Jim’s Bio

  • Jim is a Former Division I wrestler and Division I coach as well as an entrepreneur.
  • During his career, he trained at the Olympic training center and won 3 conference championships.
  • Today, he’s the host of ‘Wrestling with Greatness’ podcast, a motivational coach and has been a keynote speaker at TED Talks.

‘Failing Forward’

  • The subject of his TED Talk, this is Jim’s personal recounting of his career as a Division I wrestler at UVA.
  • In his quest to become an All-American, he had more failures than wins, but ultimately those losses led to success.
  • In sports, you learn life lessons, but you have to consciously apply them. 
  • ‘Failing Forward’ is his personal recollection of what he learned and the commonalities of each time he was successful-it is a blueprint for achievement. 

The Grind

  • By and large, he was a failure until the success came. It’s the same for everyone.
  • There’s so much adversity, struggle and setback that others don’t see.  They just see the end result.
  • When people are successful, others don’t think they went through these dark days.  Everyone does.
  • ‘You get tough by doing tough things’.  When you do things that are challenging, you become more developed as a person. 
  • You have to be willing to do the things that other people aren’t if you want to excel. 

Dealing with Self-Doubt and Adversity

  • Adversity can push you to success but it can also pull you down, so it’s all about mindset. 
  • You have to consciously control the ‘negative’ voice that creeps into your head when you’re struggling.  How do you deal with that voice that creeps into your head?
  • Jim’s mantra is: “I’m strong, I’m positive, I’m confident.” 
  • A lot of research shows that how you carry yourself physically affects your performance and emotion.  Smiling and standing upright, shoulders back-that stuff really works. 
  • It’s about ‘faking it ‘til you make it’.  You want to make yourself and your opponent believe you feel better than you actually do. 

Meditation and Visualization

  • Jim visualizes quite a bit.  He started working with a sports psychologist later in life to improve this skill. 
  • It’s easy to do that in sports because you know what it looks like to win, i.e. standing on the podium.
  • But, in life, it can be little harder to crystallize that one battle you have to go through to get to ‘that’ place-it’s rarely just one phone call or one presentation.
  • Instead, visualize your one ‘ideal’ day, whether it’s spending time with your family or the perfect vacation.  Being able to live that day is your ‘why’.  Take that vision into your environment of excellence. 

Where to Find Jim:

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