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#27: How to Awaken the Warrior Within You with Satyen Raja [The Warrior Sage]

We are back with a unique episode where we switch it up from my normal routine to where this time, I am the one getting asked the questions. Satyen Raja, a transformational coach known as The Warrior Sage, joins us today to put me through one of his sessions where he guides me to find my Warrior Within.

Satyen has coached thousands of people, including presidents and CEO’s of corporations to help them liberate themselves from the anguish of their day to day business life to putting their soul’s freedom first. The end result is creating a life of ease and flow to be at a peak flow state in their performance.

In this episode, I get quite vulnerable here so have a listen if you are interested in hearing some of my deep rooted feelings as well experience a real session with The Warrior Sage, get to downloading the episode!


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