#24: How to Get Featured in the Media to Boost Your Social Influence

A Conversation with PR King, Josh Elledge

Josh Elledge, CEO and founder of Savings Angel, is a PR mastermind!  His achievements include being featured in over 1000 media outlets, being a syndicated newspaper columnist, having a guest spot every Tuesday on his local Fox affiliate, as well as being a successful entrepreneur.  Josh talks with Luc today about why press releases are a waste of time and energy and how you should be focusing your media reach, his 3-Step Strategy to achieve your media goals, and how to effectively use Twitter to reach out to journalists and media outlets.  Stay tuned for priceless and easy tips for media success!  

Key Benefits of Being Featured in Media

    • If you provide enough value to audiences you gain their trust.
    • A certain percentage will then want to do business with you.


  • It’s a great opportunity for digital entrepreneurs to repurpose their content into setting themselves up as a subject matter expert. 


How to Get Featured

  • Don’t do press releases.  Most journalists do not read them.
  • A better use of time and energy is producing great content that attracts an audience.
  • You need content that shows your ‘legit’- journalists and gatekeepers will assess you within 30 seconds of their time.
  • The 3-Step Strategy to ‘Get You Noticed’.  Here’s what journalists are looking for:
  • Etiquette-how did you reach out? 90% of journalists are on Twitter and use it actively.  You need to have a good Twitter presence yourself.  You must have a professional pitch, a complete profile, and a ‘head shot’ avatar.
  • Website.  It must be up to date.  If it’s not, you’re not showing the world you’re a subject matter expert for your industry.  Our job as subject matter experts is to make the journalist’s job easier of serving their audience.
  • Digital Reputation-it needs to be good.  If someone Googles your name, what are they going to find?  Are you on reputable outlets and platforms?

Publicity Sales Funnel

  • You have to have a mindset shift from sales to service.
  • You have to be able to offer value and find ways to get in front of an audience to share that value.
  • Then, people are looking for you, not the other way around.  When you offer them free value, they are willing to listen and want more.
  • It’s far easier to have a business relationship an audience that actively sought you out because they liked what they heard about you.

Utilizing Twitter/Choosing and Finding the Right Media Contacts and Outlets

  • A couple hundred Twitter followers can legitimize you.  The more the merrier.
  • Start promoting your Twitter handle on Facebook, email lists, podcast audiences.
  • Share good visual content relevant to your industry.
  • You want journalists to see that people are interested in what you have to share.
  • Your Twitter news feed is likely filled with crap and noise.  Get rid of it.
  • Instead, make 2 lists:  Industry-related media and local media.
  • Follow those lists.  Read the feeds.  Find out who is saying what.
  • Define every outlet where you’d like to be featured.

What Do Journalists Look For?   

  • Is it going to be valuable to their audience?
  • The ‘smell’ test-if they smell sales, they feel used.
  • Just offer them the content and thank them-don’t ask for anything in return.
  • Allow business to happen organically from being featured.  Play the long game.
  • Focus on giving-that frees up influencers to give back to you.

Huffington Post and Other Outlets

  • HuffPo does take a lot of people if you have a decent pitch.  Just don’t expect to get paid.
  • Keep in mind that you’re just doing it for the byline.
  • Your audience does not realize how easy it can be to get in HuffPo and it legitimizes you.
  • When you have ‘media cred’ on your website, it increases your sales conversions.
  • With any outlet, they are looking for contributors who already have a sizeable audience and a good proposal.
  • All media and entrepreneurial relationships are symbiotic.  The bigger winner in the equation is the entrepreneur.

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