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#23: The Art of Overcoming with Former Pittsburgh Pirates Center Fielder Chaz Lytle

Chaz Lytle, former MLB pro with the Pittsburg Pirates, and owner of Chaz Lytle Baseball in Orlando, FL, is living his passion teaching all ages how to make it in the ‘big leagues’.  Chaz talks honestly and from the heart with Luc today about the years after retiring from MLB, overcoming depression, and helping youth increase their success and enjoyment of the game.   

Chaz’s Journey


  • Chaz started his professional baseball career at the University of Georgia and went through the semi-pro leagues before signing with the Pirates.  
  • In fact, he never had any plans for after his pro career.  Baseball was always his focus.
  • But, in 2004, Rick Eckstein (hitting coach for the Univ. of Kentucky Wildcats), asked Chaz to help him with an off-season clinic.
  • Something just ‘clicked’ for him at that moment, and he even turned down an opportunity to become a scout to continue working with youth.
  • He started his own training camp, Chaz Lytle Baseball, and his first student is now on the way to playing pro with the Cleveland Indians.


‘Put Barrel on Ball’


  • This is Chaz’s mantra with his students.  Nothing else matters.  As long as you can hit that ball, you can succeed.  
  • Instead of trying to do too much, you’re just squaring up.  You can’t steer the ball.
  • And, it doesn’t matter how big you are or where you came from.
  • This mantra translates to life as well.
  • You can’t control life.  All you can do is prepare to be in the best place possible for opportunity to happen.
  • You have to put in the work and ‘just go do it.   No matter your circumstances.


Battling Depression

  • At first, retiring from MLB was the toughest time in his life.  He went through a deep depression.
  • He didn’t overcome it until he asked himself how he had gotten there and then realized he just no longer wanted to be that person.
    • It was a bad place to be but, having overcame it, it helps him relate much better to his students.


  • He can see trouble ahead for some and he can talk seriously with the kids about where certain things are and are not going to get them in their lives and careers.  


Developing Mindset

  • In life, we are going to have setbacks.  It is inevitable.  It’s how you come back from those setbacks that matter.
  • That mindset is so important to him that he wants his son, Duke, to learn from someone who has experienced the ups and downs of life.
  • Don’t beat yourself up before you even get in the game.
  • You have to understand that we can only do so much and the rest is trust.
  • In sports, you are programmed and led to every major practice, game, etc.   In life, you have to do that for yourself.
  • Chaz undertook a lot of classes and a lot of personal development work to re-program his life.
  • He understands now what he can and can’t control in life and you just can’t worry about tomorrow.  Live today.
  • So many of his students have developed a fear of talking openly because it feels like a sign of weakness.
  • He tells his kids that it’s good to have conversations about where you are emotionally.

Mental Toughness in Business

  • In sports, you’re going to fail.  You can’t win every game.  The same goes for business.
  • It’s not about how many times you’ve gotten knocked down-it’s how many times you got back up.
  • You have to pay your dues.  If you don’t know where you came from, you’re never getting to where you want to go.
  • Never ever give up.   Even the best players can have a bad season.
  • When times are great, everyone loves you.  But, you really find out who cares about you when times are tough.

3 Steps to Greatness

  • Perseverance, Adversity, and Hard Work.
  • If you can persevere, battle adversity, and do the hard work, that gets you through it.

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